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Re: [RC] payments on sale horse - Vickie Smith

Well, there are those of you who may disagree but...  I let a weaned colt go to someone on a payment plan.  She insured him and named me as the insured and paid $100/mo for 10 mos.  It worked out great and I get to see him anytime I want and she told me that if I want to use him for breeding to just let her know as she is so grateful that I let her raise him herself...  Also, I didn't have to figure out what to do with him or his mother at weaning time.  I just went over to take pictures of him last week (winter "woolies" and all!) and he's going to be 2 yrs old this spring.  She got him at 5mos. of age.  The policy expired after 1 year and they are both doing great.  Yeah-it might have been a problem but she went to school with my sons and this is a pretty rural (small) state!  I also work for her vet!
Vickie Smith
Addison, Vermont
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Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 6:34 PM
Subject: [RC] payments on sale horse

Karla, ridecampers,
i have bought 2 horses  on 2 different occasions, on payment plans.
i was really grateful to the sellers for helping me out, and we had contracts
in writing
and i was required to board at their facility until i paid in full.
if a horse leaves the property its harder to keep an eye on them or chase
down a payment.
you may also want to put in a loss of use clause; will the person keep paying
you if she lames up the horse or does serious harm? Even if its a mistake or
accident you may find your self with a pasture ornament you cant use or sell.

But kudos for you to help someone out. You may get your self a long term
boarder or a new riding buddy.
if it wasn't for people like you I might not have a horse, or may have spent
lots of money and heartache to put to sleep many cripples before I found a
good cheap horse. Cause I didn't have too much money to go out and buy one.

[RC] payments on sale horse, RENESPONY