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RE: [RC] How to tell if you are over doing it? - Linda Cowles

<<Then a great coach taught me
the secret - don't work so hard. He introduced me to cross country
training at varying speeds, some walking, some jogging, some running and
some flat out sprinting all mixed together traveling through the
countryside. The Norwegians have a name for this which escapes me now. >>

Hey Truman - isn't the Norwegian term something like "Farchlick?" I
subscribe to the ultra marathoners email group and Dead Runners, so I should
know the correct spelling.

Another way this translates to horses is letting a horse be "an up-hill
horse", "a Downhill horse", "a trotting horse" - don't try to change the
horses natural tendencies so much! If a horse develops to the point where
uphill is easy, he'll go faster.

When I started out endurance, I wanted to trot EVERYTHING. And when I
started out running, I thought that I had to - at least - jog every step.

Okay folks, I have *A*L*L* slow-twitch muscle fibers... I know, that's
supposedly impossible, but you should see me go! That's compounded by over
two dozen episodes of full blown pneumonia, exercise induced asthma at the
beginning of every run, and other lung problems including several long stays
in intensive care.

When I realized that I could walk up hills and jog down them, I really
became a "runner". My heart soared! And eventually, I ran almost everything.

I needed to accept my limitations without giving up.

Jan Jeffers taught me many valuable tricks, and the most valuable was going
along on the horses ride. Julie Suhr <heh! heh!> taught me how to not give
up!!! Thanks, ladies!


Linda Cowles
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Re: [RC] How to tell if you are over doing it?, Truman Prevatt