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RE: [RC] How to tell if you are over doing it? - Linda Cowles

 Many, many years ago when I was a runner - correct that: a
JOGGER, I read a good book on training for long-distnace
running by jeff Galloway (former olympic marathoner).  He
contends the most critical element to any training regime was
to REMAIN UNIJURED, and that many 'serious' runners over-train,
and set themselves back by injuring thmeselves in training. He
recommends an every-other-day training program, to avoid over-
training and associated injuries, and allow time for muscle
recovery. <<

I used Jeff Galloway's books  5 years ago to get me from being unable to run
/ walk for more than 15 minutes comfortably to being able to run/walk a 30
mile mountain trail at a 4.5 mph pace in a 10 month period. THEN I blew it
by calling that a "base" and trying to run everything and anything as fast
as I could!!!

The element that made it possible for me to get so good at running and still
be enthusiastic about it was that he encourages runners to listen to their
bodies... walk when walking sounds good, jogging when boredom sets in. He
encourages regular walking breaks, even for serious competitive runners who
know they can continue. DON'T push! Not the way those of us from the
"run-thru-pain" and "run-steady" schools were taught.

Learning to run, to condition me, was the best thing I ever did for my
horses. Even if you just get out there and walk, it helps you understand
physiologically what happens with your horse.

BTW, my "serious" running ended when I got aggressive, started having to ice
my legs, take anti-inflams, stretch for longer periods of time. I slowly but
surely blew out my shins, got splints that abscessed.

My credo became "if it isn't fun, it's time to go home and wait a day or


Linda Cowles
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[RC] How to tell if you are over doing it?, A. Perez