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Re: [RC] [Guest] Best Condition - Jennifer Judkins

Angie, Thanks for posting your experience.  This is the kind of post I hang around Ridecamp to read!  I think it brings out some of the points other ridecampers have been making, that is, successful competition is one part training(ok maybe two parts), one part luck, one part heart.  Hopefully we all learn without making too many BIG mistakes, but it is easy to ride on the wave of good luck and great heart.   I don't know how I will avoid misjudging my horse, pushing him too hard and as a newbie I constantly feel I am making mistakes.  This feeling must be ubiquitous amoung newbies, so why can so few of you veterans remember all the mistakes you made. AND if you can remember them, why can't you share.  I don't think it is a sign of weakness to admit failure. We can all learn from it.   In fact, one of the things I love about Howard's stories is that he freely admits he has and will make mistakes.  I know those of you who begrudge his success are not perfect an d have made plenty of mistakes along the way.  Why not be thankful they were not catastrophic and share some insight with us all.  I will be advancing my 9 year old to 50's this year after 4 years of LD.  If anyone out there on Ridecamp can help me limit my mistakes to a few minor ones, I would be grateful.

Respectfully, Jennifer.


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[RC] [Guest] Best Condition, Ridecamp Guest