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Re: [RC] Howard and "FOUR successful ride seasons with the SAME horse" - C. Eyler

The comments you refer to were not made in response to Howard's ride report.  They were a reaction to some posts praising Howard as a now-accomplished endurance rider.  They were skeptical that Howard's success at this ride (which was nice after so many pulls) somehow proved that he now knows what he's doing (which is not what he claimed).  They were sort of bringing the cheerleaders down to earth.
Too bad that Howard was so tickled with all the praise that he too failed to make this distinction.
Oh.... yet another unwritten "rule" as to what it takes
to become a "REAL" endurance rider.  From the tone of
the emails below, I would assume that being unbearably
condescending is also absolutely essential.

Fortunately this sort of superior attitude is the exception,
rather than the rule, on rc.

We should all applaud everyone's successes! There is NO
need to rain on ANYONE'S parade!

[RC] Howard and "FOUR successful ride seasons with the SAME horse", A. Perez