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[RC] hypp horses? - Jon . Linderman

To make a long (and on-going) saga of an appy we keep on our place as short
as possible I am just curious about anyone's expereince w/a single postive
(N-H) HYPP positive horse, perhaps for endurance or ctr.  Now this guy has
a number of issues we are dealing with after bringing him back from being
used as a lesson horse and finding him obese, hard mouthed, dead-sided,
and w/badly messed up feet.  His feet are recovering (slowly) he looks less
like the hindenburg, and he has become nice and responsive to a snaffle or
leg aids.  So hes moving in the right direction for any horse to be healthy
and useful.  Light at the end of the tunnel we hope for this 15.2 1200
pound lap dog.

He is a true "chip off the old block" of his famous (notorious?) halter
grandsire Impressive & really hasn't the build of our arab arab/crosses for
prolonged work, and he looks nothing like appy or appy crosses that do well
in endurance, but I am hopeful that someday we can get him useful & might
even then consider some LD or novice CTR for him, if only to further his

He has never had HYPP episodes of any kind and we are careful to follow a
low K diet full of grass hay, lots of fresh water, and ample turn out.
However, he has certainly never been pushed......so any HYPP experience for
more prolonged work would be helpful.  Thanks.


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