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[RC] More on BITZ... - Renie Burnett

A horse, by Nature, pushes INTO pressure; therefore, it is his nature to push AGAINST the bit when he feels pressure on his mouth.  Have you ever taught a foal to lead?  They instinctively pull BACK when they feel something pulling on their head.  They have to be taught to "give" (follow) usually with a butt rope.  So, when you ride and pull on their head backwards, they try to escape by pulling forward. By taking the short amount of time to teach the horse that a pull on his mouth means something (get off the bitor the halter, or the sidepull)  taught first on the ground by backing and lateral moves) you are way ahead of the game.  Come on, there is soooo much good information out there!!!!  Quit thinking that a horse will stop or slow down without training him what  the heck a bit means.   His view is that it causes pain; your job is to teach him otherwise.  Renie