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Re: [RC] Norco Trails - Lynne Glazer

You probably shouldn't go through that deep hole because every year it has to be checked out before the ride by someone on foot (or with scuba gear!) to make sure there are no roots or other impediments. It's pretty far from the Hidden Valley basecamp. You would head east on the bluffs, then down the hill either the first or second turn, you have no choice because the road ends. Turn right at the bottom of the hill, still heading east. all the way to Van Buren bridge, under the bridge on the left side, then stay to the left along the river instead of going to the right (which is the bike path by the sewage treatment plant). You'll reach Anza Narrows park, keep going east along the river after a stop for water and human restroom if desired. Past the park there will be a turn off to the left/north, and THAT is where the deep water is. Easy to get lost beyond there, on the way to Jurupa Park (you'd have to cross the river again, and know where to cross it--near the dump. Doesn't this sound pleasant?)

There's a *way* better deep hole that is closer to the base camp. Go east from camp, and then down the hill to the left at the dead end, you have no choice with either the route above or this one). Turn right at the bottom of the hill, heading east. Take the first LEFT and go over a little vehicle-safe bridge with rushing water underneath and a pump. Road curves to the right, and goes to the most delicious deep water hole on the river. We never use it on the ride because it doesn't work for the routing, I've always wished we could. Safe and wonderful, usually saddle flap deep, sometimes deeper, with better visibility/wider crossing than the other one. When you get to the other side, keep going to the river. Cross, and on the other side turn left to ride the route we use in the morning of NRR, backwards.


On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 01:38 PM, SABRINA KOHOUTEK wrote:

Ever since I rode 2 of your Norco Riverdance Rides I keep wanting to go back there and ride the trails.? It's so beautiful there.? A very cool place to ride in spite of the heat.? For any of you who haven't been, there are tons of water crossings and lots of shade.? I finally went back this last weekend,? It was great.? I remember that there was a deep water crossing that the horses swam through.? I would love to find it when I go back there in a few weeks.? Could you e-mail me a trail map from the ride that shows where it is?? Or maybe just some directions and landmarks?? I don't know how much good that would do since It's so easy for me to get lost in there.? Any info would help.
Thanks A lot,
Valley Center, Ca.
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From: Lynne Glazer
To: Charles
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Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 9:29 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] photo sharing sites

Since you asked.? My favorite photo site (by far) is clubphoto.com.?
The ease of use has been good for my album visitors.? Clubphoto's
prints and gifts are superb, and they have a free plan where you can
have albums online for 30 days.

I have their 3rd tier plan (called "platinum") which allows 40 albums
of 100 photos each, and 10% off of anything ordered from the site.

They just set up a Lightjet system for huge photographic prints.? Their
digital 4x5 prints are usually $ .25, 5x7 for $.99.? I've found their
color fidelity to be excellent, if anyone has seen my 8x10s, Clubphoto
printed them.

I tried some of the other sites (dotphoto, ofoto, etc.) and was very
disappointed in ease of navigation and print quality.

Users can just go to the site and type in my alias ("lynne") or there
is a full blown url that takes them directly to my albums (below).


> Charles
> PS: Another option would be for me to post them to one of those picture
> sharing websites.? Any recommendations?

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