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Re: [RC] bitless bridle- late night musings about bridles and bits from a designer - Stephanie E Caldwell

>>It is interesting on how fast the bitless bridles have caught on. A riding instructor in our area has been using them for a number of years on all horses. Jumping , balanced riding ect in her classes.
I tried three styles of bitless bridles and none of them worked for me, at that point in Star's training. I tried a traditional Bosal, Mechanical hack, and a sidepull. She refused to behave in any of them. Any hints for getting one to work? She ran away with me in all three!
>>The concern most voiced is stopping power on a run away. Yes a horse will go through a bitless bridle on a run away but they will also go through a snaffle , hackamore , curb .....the list goes on. No piece of equipment can replace training.
I agree that nothing can replace training. However, I don't think many people know how to train a horse to react to a bitless bridle. In my experiences mechanical hacks cause many problems because of the shank length, I'll never forget seeing a horse at the sale get his jaw broken from a 12" shanked mechanical hack. I sold mine the next week. I think that more horses would run through a bosal or side pull than a bit. I'd love to get Star into a mild bitless bridle, but it's taken 2 years to get her to wear a noseband on a bridle. It took a year to get her to wear a halter with out having problems with the noseband. She has a line of white hair right across her nose, so I assume she was abused there as well.
>>How many riders really understand the bit and the bridle and the way they work together.
I have a book called Bits & Bridles written by an old Cowboy, it's beautiful and very indepth explaining things. It even explains spoon and frog bits. Every bit I buy has to be balanced, it's really hard to find one that is made right.

[RC] bitless bridle- late night musings about bridles and bits from a designer, Paddi