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[RC] Tanna back and BSF Question - April Johnson

Tanna is back at work. He did Liberty Run Memorial weekend. His first 
50. Then I gave him 3 weeks off and he came up lame near the end 
of that rest period. 

Took him to the vet. Vet said it was due to hoof wall separation.
I tried to keep him barefoot, but he got sore on that foot, so I 
took him to a friend's farrier. I made the decision to shoe him all 
around while the hoof wall separation is growing out. 

Immediately after shoing, Tanna moved off better. Still lame, but 
better. Within a week, Tanna was running around in the pasture, high-
tailing it in big circles at a full gallop. Sound. I ponied him for 
4 miles and he stayed sound. So last night I took him on a ride around 
the neighborhood.

He was very alert and spooked pretty hard at stuff he's seen a million 
times. He didn't get rid of me, though. By the time we got back home,
he'd gone just over 9 miles at a rather slow pace. But it was an 
exploratory ride to make sure he was really sound. I trotted and 
cantered him and did some walking for relief. We spent awhile "talking" 
to a new mare in a pasture that had previously been empty. Then we 
went up the road to talk to the the skinny palamino and little donkey.
They weren't in a talkative mode, so we headed back to see the mare.
At about mile 7, we went down a steep (but short) embankment to 
a creek that was way down in water level. Tanna insisted he wanted 
to go on, but I insisted that he drink. I won. :-) I knew he was 
thirsty so we hung out in the shade of the bridge until he drank.

Then I unclipped his sponge.  And here we learned something. I tried 
to let him drink and play with the water while I sponged him, but 
everytime Tanna stretched his neck down to play, he'd turn towards 
home and start walking off. So finally I pulled up his reins and 
held him with one hand while dropping the sponge repeatedly in the 
water. He stood relatively still for that. So I've learned a better 
way to handle him while sponging. Still can't do that flying sponging 
act of Angie's, but maybe one day! :-)

I'm glad Tanna's back in action! It's nice to have my buddy back.
So barring any other problems (knock on wood), we're back in training 
for BSF.

I have a question for those who have been to BSF and the Chicken 
Chase ride site. How do they compare? Is BSF harder in terms of terrain 
than Chicken Chase? Horrible that I live so close and never been 
to BSF!

Nashville, TNTanna back and BSF Question

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