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Re: [RC] Tevis coverage - m l

I just wanted to tell you what a great job you and
your team did with the website.  I was able to follow
6 riders.  I checked the internet every two hours. 
Thank you for all your hard work.  I couldn't be at
Tevis and this was the next best thing.  Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you.

--- Lucy Chaplin Trumbull <elsie@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm totally fried right now, so just a quicky.
managed to read hardly any mail, so this stuff may
repeats or disjointed...

Heather and Michel came up to the finish line
and Michel graciously let Heather go in front to
the win. They'd been trading off in minutes all day,
so they both did an outstanding job, so it was very
classy of him to acknowledge her. A very nice
in that regard.

The top ten horses all looked GREAT - saw the first
6 coming in last night and they were all totally
impressive. Then I went away to upload some photos
for a while and came back for the final hour-n-half
of finishers - and those horses looked great too.
It almost seemed like the further back in the field
they were, the cheerier the horses.

Barbara White's horse, in particular, was way up -
flinging poor tired Barbara (27th? buckle) around
on the end of the reins and barging about like she
(the horse) hadn't done anything. Barbara, OTOH,
looked more like that sort of behaviour was
she could do without at that stage - although
with a horse in such a perky state must be

Jamie Mitchell came in very near the end after Jim
had been pulled at Francisco's - luckily they were
able to find Jamie a local rider as new sponsor
to bring her in - but it was tense waiting for April
(mum) for a while there. Last year, poor Jamie got
pulled at the finish, but because of a mix up in vet
cards, they didn't realise it and she was
awarded a buckle at the awards - only to have it
away again. Jamie evidently took the error with good
grace (kudos to her!) and came back this year to
the job. Well done!

Jamie Fend was also back with unfinished business,
being pulled at Francisco's last year (and she had
bronchitis). This year she was relieved when Gary
Tevis made him too sore to repeat wanting to do it
(do we believe him, kids? <g>), so Jamie got to ride
finishing horse from last year, Stormy. She finished
looking tired and happy.

Apologies to Enrique, btw Laura, for labelling him
being from Chile on the web page - I was making
based on someone telling me there were chilean
riders out
there. It was 2 am - come on... :)

And for the person asking about Electra's breeding -
sorry, I don't know more - but *do* know that Peter
flew the horse in from Australia two weeks before
the event
together with his own personal crew. The horse,
as being a half-arab is very clearly half-app for
who didn't notice it (you had to be blind - the
popped up everywhere).

Very glad to see Heather's horse winning the BC
Cup (I didn't stay for the Awards this afternoon) -
as I
say, all the horses looked great at the finish and,
of the ones that showed for BC, none really stood
the others in terms of quality - they were *all*
just a
bunch of quality horses - but Heather's showing
really came to the forefront (stop puffing up, MB

After Heather left the judging area to return to her
camping area, she ran with the horse up the hill
the stadium at a pace that most of us would envy
having already done a 100 miles and won the ride.
She and
the horse were both in great shape.

My computer is stuffed with about 300+ photos. I'll
try and get them up (Patrick is brewing coffee as
we speak), but am pretty woozy, generally, so can't
make any promises. Brain? what brain?

Glad you enjoyed what little I was able to upload -
I had some trouble accessing phone lines for any
period of time, so had a hard job getting too many
pics up in a timely manner.

The biggest coups we pulled off (for the webcast)

* being able to get the Watson's Monument times out
Squaw Valley as soon as we came off the mountain at
~9:00 am - so you guys didn't have to wait until the
Robinson Flat times (which typically get delayed due
to terrain/technical constraints) to see what was

* having a great crew at both Foresthill and
Bluff to connect those two checkpoints and alert the
crews that their rider had left MB (~1 hour from FH)
so that they could be ready for their arrival.

* having internet/laptop at the stadium to update
the leaderboard for the whole field for crews
waiting for the finishers.

We had some database and packet radio hiccups, as
expected (the temps were in the high 90s and
never seems to think that's a funny joke. Both
we had in the field stopped working early in the
meaning that we had to hand-write numbers. This
sound like a lot, but try copying 150 rider #s and
for 7-8 checkpoints...

Every year we hopefully get better - and identify
more holes in the system that we'd like to plug. In
reality, there aren't enough hours in the day, or
stamina from individuals to be able to perform as
well as we'd like.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out
with the
webcast system, including the number uploaders (both
and internet) and esp. Richard Goodwin who designed
database in his living room, made it work on the
day, and
trouble-shot the damn thing when it decided to go
a few times during the event at inopportune moments.

It's a computer, therefore it will go wrong, right?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
elsie AT foothill DOT net
Repotted english person in Sierra Foothills,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *  

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[RC] Tevis coverage, Lucy Chaplin Trumbull