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[RC] Horse won't keep weight on while working.. - Allegra

    I would appreciate your help regarding my horse Saint.  During rides and conditioning he looses allot of weight, this became more apparent over the 10 day Shore-2-Shore ride this spring. He will eat his full, and is given enough to do so. But given the same amount that he will get fat off of in the winter he will lose weight rapidly in the spring and during months of hard work. He is given all he can eat, and there is nothing wrong with him. (According to the vet he is in great shape "for his age". Geez, does that get tiring to hear.) In all there is nothing making him loose weight other than the fact he works more, and eats the same amount.
  Seeing feeding him more does no good, as he only wastes the extra he already has, is their some thing I should put on his food to help him maintain his weight? I'm not talking halter horse fat here, just keeping him from looking like a galloping hat-rack.  I've thought of putting veggie-oil on his Sr. Feed and did last year. It seemed to help a little.
 What does every one think? Don't worry about hot feeds, he's already a screaming idiot. (He paces in his pasture, another reason he looses weight in the spring.)
P.S. the site below was designed around my horse.  Though it doesn't have very good pictures.