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[RC] Loose stallions revisited - Barb Jefferson

I'm ticked - gotta vent.  Ready to head out the door for work this morning, industrial-strength squeal, not a happy sound.  Fly outside, strange horse in the back yard adjoining the barn lot.  Looked familiar, quick peek, - yep, it's a stallion.  My gelding is whacko, the yearling, wide-eyed, and OH SH*T, the mare's in heat.  Got the three amigos safely stalled, now he's worked his way around to another section of fence, leaning, calling, pushing.  Got the gate open to the barn lot, he's more than happy to go on in.  Into the house, few quick phone calls, somebody thinks they know who he belongs to.  Hop in the car, zip up the road, pound on the door (what in the world are they doing still asleep?), finally answer, and yes, they own the stallion.  Show up pretty quick (did I threaten to shoot him if they didn't? probably).  Politely and calmly I explain this is not the first time he's come a calling, I have a mare in heat, he was trying his best to take down my fence (and I didn't even mention the gouges in the saturated lawn).  Did he apologize? thank me for taking the trouble to secure the horse and track him down ?   Did this yahoo have a clue why I was not happy, that this being a stallion kind of made a difference? No, no, and no. His only response was to yammer on and on about "everybody else's horses" that get loose and come into his yard.  I was not tactful.  I was not nice. (I was not shrill).  I simply let him know that if there was a next time, the only notice he would get would be to come pick up the carcass.
Thank you.  I feel better now. 
p.s.  when I left, the Slut was still looking for him; she has NO taste, he was plug-ugly!

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