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Re: [RC] Alternative Ride/Race After-care - Lynne Glazer

good point--mine tend to get As throughout in hydration and everything, the gelding will also sometimes go through the motions of rolling (pawing, down on his knees even) and then change his mind, getting up and shaking as if he'd done the full routine. Makes us laugh. We go looking on the day before the ride to find the best spots.

I'm not racing with my guys, just going for completion, so Your Mileage May Vary. They are both great drinkers, particularly on the 2nd half, which may be different from others' experience.


On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at 11:51 PM, Sullivan wrote:

Hi Lynne,

I interesting, and but I have one question for all on the list...I have
observed several horses, including my own....
vet in after a ride, with great scores, be allowed to roll immediately
thereafter and cramp up. Has this happened to
anyone else? Horse acts crampy, gets sweaty patches in the flank area,
muscles tighten...but can be walked out of it.
Nothing like an early-ride tie up. I now to not allow a horse to drop and
roll after a ride until it is thoroughly cooled down and somewhat hydrated.
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Nobody's mentioned my horses' favorite. After untacking, if there is a
decent or prospective rolling spot in camp, we head there. Then down
time for a half hr with a sloppy lyte mash. Then a bit of cleanup and
vet for completion. Then look for that rolling spot again (or a better
one) and a 2 hr nap before I touch 'em.

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Re: [RC] Alternative Ride/Race After-care, Sullivan