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[RC] [Guest] Rolling, rolling, rolling - Ridecamp Moderator

Mary Kornwolf vgea@xxxxxxxxx

My 1/2 Arab has been competing for 5 years/1800 miles. He rolls frequently at rides, often during vet checks, and always at the end of a ride. I've gotten used to him doing this and even encourage it because it seems to relax him and help trigger his eating mechanism. He's never cramped up, although I've noticed he doesn't tend to roll as much at some rides as others (he likes rolling in sand best of all). I always watch to make sure he shakes vigorously after getting up...someone told me "all is well" if a horse shakes after rolling.

Maybe rolling is like self-administered chiro/massage? For those of us who may travel along to rides without crew, I'm grateful to have such a low maintenance horse. He just wants me to "leave him alone" after rides and highly resents poulticing, fiddling with his legs, etc. "Just let me roll, please Mom, and give me lots of FOOD"

This same horse also loves wallowing around in water holes like a hippo and often sleeps laying completely down, including head and neck - I've told people I've boarded with over the years not to worry if they come out and see him flat on his side asleep, especially after a 100 or multi-day ride.

A last note...as I've gradually come to know my horse's individual habits and preferences over the 8 years I've owned him, I've gotten a great deal of confidence in my ability to evlauate how he's doing...but when I eventually get a new horse, I'd try not to make the same assumptions because he might be as laid-back a competitor

Just our 2 cents, Mary and Shiloh

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