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Re: [RC] Alternative Ride/Race After-care - Lynne Glazer

Nobody's mentioned my horses' favorite. After untacking, if there is a decent or prospective rolling spot in camp, we head there. Then down time for a half hr with a sloppy lyte mash. Then a bit of cleanup and vet for completion. Then look for that rolling spot again (or a better one) and a 2 hr nap before I touch 'em.

Both of my horses are skilled at rolling in hand. The kid learned it at home ,flip-flopping back and forth, high-centering, and you can bet I know where to stand for safety. Ember didn't learn it until many years into her career and quickly perfected it.

Then of course part of the ritual is OPF, sniffed out on our walks every few hours and the next morning. Other Peoples' Food, of course. Why beet pulp is so scrumpy if it's dumped out at someone's campsite who left early is beyond me.

Rem-member Me & Celesteele (Q), chief scavengers

On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at 10:07 AM, Roger Rittenhouse wrote:

Not as much as you think - just looks busy. I do let him veg out for a
while after we get back. He needs to nap

I dont do my post race stuff all at one time. the process goes on over a
few hrs.- and I have a patten that I have been doing for years. I do things
while visiting, doing business and getting myself cleaned up and fed.

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Re: [RC] Alternative Ride/Race After-care, Roger Rittenhouse