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Re: [RC] ride locations, found the one I was looking for - Truman Prevatt

You pulled your horse trailer over Signal Mountain on purpose. Are you nuts:-). There used to be a ride on top of Signal Mt. The drive up (and back down) is quite interesting.


oddfarm wrote:
Never mind. I found it.  It is past Signal Mountain. We drove over Signal Mountain the first year we went to Big South Fork. Before we started up the mountain, we just missed (and I mean by seconds) someone coming down to fast, on a wet road and wiping out. When we finally got over and to the bottom I got out of the truck and wanted to puke. It was a 1 1/2 lane road with switchbacks and steep grades. I love it when the kids and Wendy are telling me to "Look at that view!" and I am hyperventilating, getting dizzy and praying that my brakes don't give out or that I pass out.
We went into the store and got to talking with some locals. After telling them about our horrifying ride over the mountain they asked why the heck we took that route? We thought it was a short cut and it was, but there was an easier road.
That's what I get for listening to trainer, navigator Wendy. Those kinds of experiences are what make us the women that we are today. Scared of heights.
Lisa Salas, The Oddf aRm

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