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[RC] ] Digital x-rays - rides2far

That is TOO cool.  I hope they have something like that here in 
Michigan if
we ever need it

If I were you I'd check around now, before you need it, and see if it's
available. It's apparently darned expensive and the fact that they have a
4 vet all equine practice was required to support it...but with all the
racing in Michigan I'd bet you have a good chance.

I forgot to mention one of the tools it comes with. You can click on an
angle tool and put markers at the different points on the coffin bone,
etc. and it measures the angle. Trouble is, I'm not sure exactly  where
to put the markers since the contour has a bit of a curve to it. Do you
measure from the outermost point of the bone (as it angles towards the
ground) or from the very top of it? Then I put a dot at the point, then
at the rear. Anyway, looked like a much more accurate way to measure
rotation, etc if you knew what you were doing. I'm enjoying this far more
than any video game anyone's tried to get me to play. >g<

I'll admit, I'm a little uninformed about how to go about getting a
proper trim. If I just trim the toe off level with the sole it's still
long. Kaboot has very flat feet. So, you can trim the sole back a tad to
expose more wall and go shorter... I was thinking about this at the vets
office.  He had actually only taken 5 shots of the hoof at first. So I
said, "I've always wondered how thick his digital cushion is since he's
very flat footed but we've seldom padded and gotten away with it. That
question cost me $43 without realizeing it because the vet hopped right
up and took two more shots. The answer was that he had very little
clearance between his coffin bone & the ground. :-P So, do I trim toe
back without trimming sole and have him standing on the sole without the
toe exactly touching the ground?

I'm kind of between farriers right now. My guy that I used for 25 years
just retired and I haven't found anyone else yet that I trust more than
myself. I've been trimming our ponies for years but always left my horses
for the professionals. As far as the "Natural Balance Shoe"
recommendation... He said he usually didn't care for the  4point trim and
NB shoes but felt that Kaboot's case called for something rather drastic.
If they're tricky though, I sure don't have anybody right now that I'd
trust with such as that any closer than Jaye Perry who is 3 hours away.
:-( Even the rolled toe easyboots would put more leverage on that bone
than we want.


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