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[RC] Fw: Shoeing directions for Ground control shoes - Maggie Mieske

I found the directions.  Here ya go.  :)
Miles of smiles,
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Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 9:27 PM
Subject: Re: Shoeing directions for Ground control shoes

Due to many requests, Nelson and I worked out some brief directions/instructions for using the Ground Control shoes.  If anyone else has any tips or ideas, please pass them on as well.
1.  Make sure the shoe is large enough to begin with... don't try to make a smaller shoe fit.  You can always take off extra shoe but can't put extra shoe on.
2.  Level the hoof as one normally would in preparing it for a shoe.
3.  Slightly roll the toe according to the shoe.
4.  The easiest way to nail them on is by positioning the shoe a fraction forward to allow the shoe to move back as the nails are applied into the hoof (maybe a nickel's width).
5.  Put the first two nails in the 3rd hole or depression from the toe.  Drive the nails into the hoof but do not drive them all the way through.
6.  In the center of the toe, just in front of the cross patching is a round mold mark...put a toe nail in this mark all the way through.  Seat it into the shoe.  Finish nail as usual.
7.  Then seat the first two nails into the shoe/crease as usual. 
NOTE:  By starting the first two nails but not seating them into the shoe, this stabilizes the shoe to minimize slide.  If you seat the first nail into the shoe, the nail pushes the shoe sideways. 
8.  After the first three nails are in, put the 4th and 5th nail into the 5th hole or depression from the toe.  Finish as usual.
NOTE:  If the shoe does not fit the foot, some cutting may be required.  This may be done with nippers before nailing on the shoe or if minimal, may be simply rasped off.
NOTE:  Even though this method helps keep the shoe from moving during nailing, constantly check and recheck that it IS staying in position.  If necessary, adjust with pull offs or whatever in the necessary direction to correct. 
A note about Equi Pak...we have not had luck using this product in conjunction with Ground Control shoes, not even with a solid plastic pad.  They simply flex too much and it will pop out eventually. 
Hope this answers many of the questions we have been getting about Ground Control shoes.  Perhaps one of the other farriers on Ridecamp has some tips and suggestions as well. 
Please feel free to e-mail anytime with additional questions.
Maggie and Nelson