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[RC] What did my horse teach me? - spiritwood@xxxxxxxxx

What my horse(s) have taught me,
My first horse that I got at age 11 taught me perserverence, patience, and
that amimals can have a sense of humor also.  He also taught me the meaning
of courage and really finding the right "nitch" for each horse to enjoy its
work.  My first horse was put down in April 2001 just 6 weeks short of his
41st birthday.  I rode him for the final time at age 37 when he made a
"farewell appearance" at the local horse show as the guest of honor. 
Although he was suffering from arthritis and his vision was failing, he
walked up to the starting line (he was a timed event horse for over 20
years) and then took off and ran a beautiful, smooth pole bending pattern. 
He got third place and I was never more proud of him!  He had been the
horse to beat since 1975!  He was never ridden again and enjoyed several
more years at pasture with his "girlfriend" of 30 years. 
My current horse has taught me even more!  He has taught me I CAN ride 100
miles even on the toughest of trails.  (When I got him my goal was to
complete a 50 in under 8 hours.)  He taught me that even if I can't exactly
see where we are going in the dark, if he can, we can go FAST!  He taught
me that we can even ride for 75 miles of my first 100 by ourselves and keep
each other motivated and upbeat.  He taught me that going over Sheman's
gap, alone, by glow sticks is quite a feat, and there is nothing more
magical than fording the Shenandoah River in the pitch dark with glow
sticks in the floating milk jugs to mark the way!   Now he is adding new
dimensions in the courage and perserverence areas as we prepare for his
final 100 mile adventure.  Don't know what the future may hold, but as
someone famous once quoted, "God forbid that I should go to a heaven in
which there are no horses!"  
Becky and Bacardi 

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