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[RC] Top of the Rock (aka Top of the MOON!) - FancyNite

WOW, what a ride!  I will try to make it as short and sweet as possible!

There was 10, 100s starting at 5:30... Oh boy!  All was 'normal,' till we went to check in... Savage got this CRAZED look in his eye and pretty much went ballistic.  NOT PRETTY.  I was mortified by his behavior.  First we almost ran over Alex Reis, I swear he was just looking for someone to SAVE him.  (Sorry again, Alex)  Then, as they were counting down 5, 4, 3... OH BOY, Savage came up and tried to touch the stars... all I heard was everyone GASPING and telling me to push down... DUH! (lol)  I was trying, not that I could push a 1100# horse down with my 120# butt, but I sure tried.... OK, now with all 4 hooves back on the ground, and giving the crowd some good vocabulary lessons, we were off!  I was later asked... So, is Savage still going to be Alpo?  (I will answer that later)

There was 5 of us riding in a group: Laura Hayes (on Hoosier), Sue Keith (on Sparky), Lisa Winburn (on Huck, for a long time I thought she was calling her horse *something* else... <eg>) Anne Branch (on Petty) and Myself (on the Alpo horse, Savage).  We sure had fun!!!  Songs were flowing and the laughs were plentiful.  Here we were with 5 horses attempting their first 100!  We kept telling the boys.... "Complete NOT compete!"

The weather was absolutely PERFECT for a ride.  Breezy, overcast and somewhat cool.  And with my AWESOME group of helpers (crewing at its best!) it was sure going to be a fantastic day.  Get this everyone.... There was 6 people packed in my truck and Savage could hear them for miles.... He knew and would spring into action!  I couldn't have done this without them.  Thank you ALL!  My Mom crewed for all 5 of us at the beginning by herself until the rest were done with their rides!  Way to go by the way.... Robert and Shark got 6th in the 50, Kellie (Moore) and Dusty got 8th, and Cheryl (Fenton) and Sanegor got 9th!  YIPPEE  Julie Freeland and Bill Taylor finished their 25s..... and by golly the CREWING was plentiful and at its best. 

Half way through the 4th loop (after about 75 miles) our group was getting a little worn down and Mom said we needed some picking UP!  Well, she sure managed to do that!  As we went down to the gate on the blue loop and back up to our crew.... Here was my mother *MOONING* us!  OH MY.... Yep, that got us all back in the laughter and fun!

As we finished each section of trail, we sent back a *one* finger salute.  The girls laughed at me when I stopped to get a HUGE (this sucker filled up a muck tub) *Chicken of the woods* (wild mushroom), and we trotted the last 3-4 miles into camp with me carrying this thing like a tray (I will say it wasn't easy).  Quite interesting I must say... but I made moms day, as we came into camp with me doing the CHICKEN dance!

We managed to corrupt a few on this ride!  It was definitely a ride I will NEVER forget.  The *moons* were OUT that night!  A few of the girls said this was the MOST fun they have EVER had on a ride!  YEAH!

Savage did AWESOME... I still don't think he got tired. (that's scary!)  He was just as much a shit at the end as he was in the beginning and isn't that what we ALL strive for? 

After 90 miles, we were headed out on the last pink loop (just 10 more miles) and with EVERYONE whooping and hollering, Savage and I just couldn't resist the moment as the WAVE spread through the vet check... Savage KICKED it up and was headed out.... (Mike Caudill, said it was a Race off at the start of the last loop..lol)  I had SO many people tell me how GREAT he looked even at the end, for our completion... his ears were up and he was still pulling who ever had him.

So, to answer the question is he headed for Alpo?  HELL NO!  Savage (6th), Sparky (7th), Huck (8th) and Peppy (9th) did their first 100 in 14 hours and 8 minutes!  AWESOME!  At the end, I couldn't hold back the tears and Bob McAfee gave me a HUGE bear hug for our accomplishment, I couldn't help doing a somersault and round off.  Bob and Amy (whellan) gave me the BC, rider award.... wonder if they would take that from me now if they seen me walking today!  lol

Thank you EVERYONE who helped us and kept us all smiling, and to those who sent their well wishes too!  We couldn't have done it without you!  You're all fantastic!

I do have to say this though... (for the few who stuck up their noses) Just because folks enjoy a cold beer and LOTS of laughs doesn't mean we ARE DRUNK!  If you can't handle people having fun... Maybe you should STAY HOME next time!  We are all in this sport for the FUN of it!  Enjoy life while it is here, cuz you just never know when your expiration date is!

Thanks again to all, We didn't come in first but we sure WON!  Oh and Susan (K) sorry, you didn't get to see me suffer.... Maybe you should see me today! lol  It was great seeing you there though!  Your smiles did me wonders!
Jinnifer and Savage