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Re: [RC] [RC], OR Angela's Curse/log cabins, training, 2 coffees - Laurie Durgin

On my 2nd coffee and ridecamp before I mosey to the barn to feed and give Rascal his meds.
Log cabin. Need andy pointers? We built one 7 years ago. Ga. Cypress Log homes. Unfortunately Atlanta is swallowing us.Get your corners tight, and never seal both log surfaces.And don't forget to caulk the upfacing cracks :} Oh and Carpenter bees love the log ends underneath.
Working on making my arena (160 x 66) into a round pen(66 d.) as I am going to seriously ride Honey now. My super sensitive green mare, who went thru the fence the first week she was here (the saddle under her belly on a lounge line may have caused that :} .You have to be real careful how much it too much with her. She trust me, but she can spin on a dime and is so sensitive and responsive I feel like she is a 'reiner'. Yet she has a lazy streak. We have been walking and stopping and giving to bit and learning to stop on one rein , and to stop when I get off balance.Course now if I shift my stirrup, she stops>sigh<. Frankly I need her to learn to trot witha a rider , but she has bolted 2 times with me when trying this ,she gets real tense, so I wanted a nice , smaller round circle to work her in. She fortunately stopped the last spook on the one rein stop. I did lots of despooking last year, but I think she needs a tuneup.She knows the go forward, but I am a llittle loathe to use a crop on her to get her to trot.jShe is not the kind of horse you can hit . You can annoy her , but if you get abusive she'll flee and not forgive. Not that she has been abused, but a farrier hit her once when she was young and she took months /year s to get over it.
Plus Scout , half arab, half Qh(appendix 1/2 tb).is now 15.2+ and growing.he needs to learn to give and lead better, much less tie, and trailer load. I may even start ground driving him this year and introducing a saddle.Wont' be backed till he is 3 at least, and only at a walk.My only concern with him is his front legs loiok to toe out . His mother paddled out some, guess he got it too.Nice straight legs would be better.But he is a "good mover", looks thoughbred, except his is red dun with some white hairs in his mane.Big red boy.
Then i may ride th 'meanderilng elephant" down the trail just to keep them clear.Bought Champ (the semi retired hunter tb) a pair of red easy boots, cause he gets footsore easy and I took his back shoes off.Course I may have to carry a crop or wear spurs, not like Rascal the '"jigging dragon" I am used too.

From: rides2far@xxxxxxxx
To: mark@xxxxxxxxxx
CC: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC]   Top of the Rock, OR Angela's Curse
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 00:30:51 -0400

> I still say a good 100 mile ride is one of the best things in
> life.....even if I only got to do 90 of it!!

If you want any pity from me you'd better quit rubbing it in that I'm not
getting to do much right now. :-P

> Laura Hayes (is my character built enough now, Angie?

Gee, I'll have to think about it. There's so *many* stages to character
building. First, you have to prove you can accept being pulled gracefully
without trying to convince the vet you don't need pulled, etc.  Stage 2
is when you get pulled the *second* time in a short period of time and
you are required to smile and joke when people who are still in the ride
kid you about it (as opposed to making a flying tackle and wrestling
their horse from them). Stage 3 is when muster the ability to not hate
people who are completing on their new horses. I'm guessing that stage 4
has something to do with acceptance (I'm not there yet). Then you hit a
crossroads...do I prove them all wrong and figure out what's wrong with
this horse and fix it, or do I do like all my friends and get "the new
horse". :-((

I guess you can see I'm a bit down. Wouldn't be so bad if my "poor old
horse" would look a little pitiful in the field. Instead he is running
down the steep hill, slide stop, spin buck, motor up the hill. Lunges
just fine on a tight circle, flexes out just fine. Could do all the 25
mile training rides in the world around here and look great...but has 3
straight pulls. >whine< Yesterday at church the cover of the bulletin was
a little blonde haired girl that looked a lot like me when I was little
sitting on a white pony in a field of flowers and she's leaning forward
giving it a big hug. The heading was "God makes all things new". >sniff<

But then I watched "Signs" last night and the moral of that was "everything happened for a reason". Since I've not been riding this spring I've made GREAT progress on my log cabin. The parts that had been sitting unfinished for a year and a half are almost done. It's BEAUTIFUL. The weather has been so incredibly mild I would have spent all this time riding but instead I'm going to actually get the kid's wing finished before they grow up and move away. I guess what is happening to me is better than being pinned to a tree by a truck (only makes sense if you've seen the movie) So...maybe I'll be "the woman on the hill in the beautiful log cabin, who has tons of character, and is starting a new horse" before long. Or even better, "the woman on the hill in the beautiful log cabin, who has lots of character, whose horse just needed some time off. :-))

P.S. I'll call off the dogs and give you permission to finish your next
ride. :-)

Angie McGhee
Wildwood, GA
God grant me the Serenity to enjoy a sound horse when I have one. The
self control to not ride a questionable horse when I have one, and the
wisdom to know the difference.

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