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[RC] Teeny Weeny Budget - Rides 2 Far

I was going to buy a few things with my Christmas money. I was >
thinking one of > those new vented helmets (a Troxel), a new saddle pad
and a pair of  tights.

I have a Lexington & a Troxel and usually choose the Lexington. My
daughter has a Troxel and then won a Range Rider. She LOVES the Range
Rider. The Troxel seems to cock off to the side. Just try them on and see
which is shaped best for your head. Evelyn Hartman has the best tights
for the least $$$$. 

the all purpose shaped pads better for endurance than the square  pads?

The idea is to haveas little coverage and as much exposure to the air as
possible thus the fitted pads. Get something you can throw in the washer.
I always wash saddle pads in Ivory Snow.

Should I 
also get one of those nylon/halter bridles? My horse eats fine in  his
regular  snaffle bridle. Is there really a need for an attached halter? 

You don't need the halter. It can be hard to keep a leather bridle supple
when we are constantly throwing water on them, but you can oil it after a
ride. The halter can be handy when you come into a vet check and can just
drop the bit. If you use a regular bridle it would be best to just take
it off and use a halter at the vet check since he'll trot out better in a
halter and be more comfortable eating.  If you're doing LD you're just
talking about taking it off and on once. That won't kill you. >g<  One
thing you might consider if you're on a limited budget...second hand. 
Practically everyone I know has more biothane halter bridles than they
can use simply because they decide to change "their colors". (We're *so*
fashion conscious!)  I have a faded turquoise & hot pink a friend left
here that I'd give you if you were here. I've loaned it to more than one
beginner who has returned it when they chose their own colors. >g< 
People in Europe seem to prefer the nylon, but mine got stiff fast. Most
U.S. riders like the biothane.

you don't have 
a halter-bridle combo do you bring a halter along?

Just to the vet check.

Does your horse 
wear it under 
the bridle? Do you ride without your cavesson noseband?

Forget the halter. If you leave the cavesson on there I'd leave it loose
enough to eat. No standing martingales, they can't drink.

Should I also invest in a good stethascope?

Heck no. "Good" ones unscrew and you end up hunting the parts in a pile
of hay. Invest in a cheap stethoscope. :-) Isn't endurance great? We
*need* to feed 10% instead of 14% protein feed, grass hay instead of
alfalfa...half the time the cheap way is the best way! :-))

And are easyboots a  "must have" 
item. My horse has been shod maybe 4 times in his whole life and  he's
evented  barefoot. I don't think we'd need easyboots. What do you guys

As opposed to barefoot?  I use shoes and carry an easyboot as a spare. I
occasionally put them on over shoes if it's rocky. If your horse is used
to being barefoot and you have really forgiving terrain no reason to
change unless the horse gets tender.  One thing about eventing, they tend
to have the sense to ride over nice footing. Don't count on that at an
endurance ride!

Endurance seems like the perfect goal I can work 
toward on my 
own and seems a little more affordable than other types of 

Once you're hooked you go back to anything else even if it was free!

I am curious to know how you english riders keep from getting pinched
by your 
stirrup leathers when you ride in paddock boots and tights?

I ride in the Southeast in heat & humidity and don't mind my half chaps.
We tend to be wet a lot of the time. >g<  Other people often put
sheepskin sleeves on their English leathers to avoid wearing them though.

Angie McGhee
Wildwood, GA

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