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[RC] Chiropractors (was [RC] Daughters head injury on horse) - Deanna German


OTOH, medical doctors aren't always right either. My father wouldn't be here
if he listened to his family doctor who prescribed antibiotics for a sinus
infection. Certain that it was something a leeetle more serious, he took it
upon himself to seek out an ENT. Who sent him to a neurosurgeon. Who opened
up his head and took out a brain tumor. After an extensive set of MRIs, CTs
and a tissue biopsy.

Referring spicifically of chiropractic, I wouldn't let anyone do anything
but the most basic manipulations (like what a PT might do) without x-rays.
And *I* want to review them with the chiropractor before he/she touches me.
That said, I've found a good one and I swear by chiropractic. It's kept me
comfortably in the saddle and has kept my horse moving straight and pain
free. After neck or head trauma, however, I think it's important to really
get things checked out by a medical doctor first.

Speaking of health care in general, if a person walks into a place and
doesn't like the service or thinks there's something wrong with what they
are being told, there's nothing wrong with walking away. Quality of care
varies along a huge continuum in all health professions. I ditched a vet
last winter whose diagnosis and prescription for rehab just didn't sit right
with me. I know my horse and the results of blood analysis (blood he didn't
want to draw) proved he was wrong. And even if he was right, he told me the
exact wrong thing to do about it. (Lunging in circles for a tie-up?)

I'm sorry you had such a lousy experience, but bad practitioners are in
every profession!


I have to agree with your caution about chiros, and add this:  If there is
any chance that you have a herniated disk in your neck or back, a chiro
should NOT mess with it.  I had two disks in my neck herniated (probably
off on my head once too often) and a chiro made the herniations worse.  I
ended up having two surgeries and have not had problems since, but I have
been cautioned very strongly against ever letting a chiro near my neck.  Any
more, I think that a good physical therapist does much more for most
back/neck problems than a chiro.  jeri

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