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[RC] needle shy / dewormer dislike - Jackie

I had the same problem with my mule not liking to get shots, blood
drawn, or being dewormed.  She would rear, paw, back away, try to run
over me, etc...
I bought one of the Meridith Hodges Mule and Donkey training tapes
because at that time did not know anything about mules.  On that tape,
she showed how to tie the mule a certain way so that it could not do
any of those things.  It really worked.  Although, I can't remember if
it can be used with horses (some things she recommends just for mules).

Anyway, here's what we did...
The mule had on a halter with a lead rope.  I lead her up to the
hitching post.  Loop the lead rope around the hitching post one time,
then back up thru the side of the halter.  Then back around the
hitching post.  Once again, come up thru the opposite side of the
halter and around the hitching post.  Tie in a slip knot.
It holds her head still where she can't rear, back up, or go forward. 
She can't break it.  She doesn't fight it either!!!  She stands there
like she has no problems with getting shots and dewormer now.  (I did
try giving some dewormer with out her being tied like this and she
freaked! So, we just tie her like this so we don't have problems.)

Like I said, I'm not sure if this is OK for a horse, but it works for
my mule.  I've never had to try it on my horses.


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