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[RC] Immovable Dalmation - OT for horses - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

My housekeeper came in this morning to find my 3 yr old Dalmation, Koheila, lying on the wood floor of my study unable to stand. She was lying in excrement (totally uncharacteristic of her) and while she could move her front legs, her back legs seemed to be completely out of her control. They were not paralyzed in that there is muscle tone, but she cannot make them do what she wants them to do. I took her temperature (normal), checked eyes and gums for signs of internal bleeding due to poison (normal), checked her body for signs of trauma (none) and took her to a local vet who owns a string of veterinary clinics in Michigan and has come home here to retire and train young vets. Dr. Adel could also find no physical clues as to what had happened.

She usually sleeps in my study in a large armchair with one of my Rat Terriers. The study door is left open and the front door isn't closed until about midnight (when I go to bed). A visitor who had been out late said that Koheila was fine when she came home about 2:30 am. One possibility is some kind of seizure that caused her to fall from the chair and may have hurt her somehow. We thought of a stroke, but she isn't flaccid. Another possibility is some kind of toxic substance that she ate....but I have 7 dogs sleeping downstairs and no one else has even the slightest problem. With 11 dogs and 6 parrots and 2 Greek tortoises, we don't use any sprays in the garden, but someone suggested that maybe she ate a snail or something. I'm allergic to dust, so the floor is bare wood and there was no sign of vomiting or urine. The stool was solid and packed into the floor like plasticine by her body moving over it I suspect. We are all utterly mystified.

She's lying in front of me on a rug, covered in a towel. She's had IV fluids, and something for shock along with a vitamin B complex injection. She's also had one baby aspirin and 10 cc of honey (a suggestion to help clean the liver/kidneys). She's relaxed but not herself at all. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Cairo, Egypt

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