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Re: [RC] re: needle shy horse - Kristene Smuts

An even cheaper twitch is your own hand!  My 28 month old colt had done 
something to his eye a few weeks ago and had to get eye drops and those other 
drops to check the damage - turns the damaged parts day-glo green!  Well, not 
known for his patience or willingness to have things done to him, he naturally 
fought every action.  Eventually I simply put my hand on his muzzle and 
squeezed.  He stood like a statue and the vet could do his thing - I made sure 
to rub and love afterwards which he just thought was the greatest!  After a few 
times of twitching this way I could administer the drops without a fight and he 
would actually put his head on my shoulder for me to do the drops.

He still wants smooches even if we're not doing the drops anymore!

PS  He had to stand in a dark stable for a week during the day as well which he 
took like a trooper (all the horses sleep out with the stables just as shelters 
so he wasn't used to being locked up).  The vet said had it been any other 
breed, especially a TB, the stable would have been rubble on day 2!  Very proud 
of my boy. <ducking now!>

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