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[RC] Update on herdbound Standardbred gelding - Julie

First of all, thanks to all who offered suggestions for my herdbound
gelding.  Thanks to bad weather and a killer work schedule, it took me a
week to be able to get back on him.  I decided to do things a bit different
this time.  I put his beloved mare in the paddock that I feed her in and
rode him in the pasture at first.  He was very reluctant to leave the mare
who was throwing a huge fit which of course didn't help.  Every time he'd
try to turn back I'd have him do a complete circle.  Usually we'd manage to
go a few steps before we'd circle again.  Sometimes we just circled in place
5 or 6 times but we always ended up going in the direction *I* wanted in the
end.  We went around the pasture a few times (about 1 1/2 acres) with it
getting better as we went.  At the far end of the pasture I had him do some
circles and figure eights mainly just trying to keep his attention on me
instead of the mare.

After doing the pasture tour a few times, I rode him out the gate that I had
left open.  I rode him onto our lane which is where we had such a huge
problem last time I rode him.  We were now out of sight of the mare but not
out of earshot.  We had to do a few circles but for the most part, he
behaved well.  We went a little farther than we did the last ride and I rode
him back and forth in front of the short path leading back to the pasture
and paddock.  He'd always try to head back to the mare but I found that it
took less circles and less encouragement on my part to keep him heading the
direction that I wanted.  He also tried just stopping and refusing to budge
but I found that usually just jiggling the reins and a little boot
encouragement cured that.  If not, I just circled him again.  All-in-all, it
was a much better outing than last time.  The headthrowing was minimal, no
bucking or attempts to rear.  I was tempted to push him a bit more but
really wanted to end on a good note.

As a side note, all the posts about all-weather riding must have rubbed off
because it was clouding up and there was thunder rumbling in the distance as
I tacked up.  The rain held off for my ride but wind picked up considerably
and the temp sure dropped.

I do enjoy reading all the stories, especially the first rides or first
milestones (50's, 100's, whatever).  I'm really hoping to add my first
endurance ride story before this year is out.  Despite our recent problems,
I have a good feeling about this horse.  After my ride, I walked around the
pasture to fix a couple of fence problems I noticed while riding and Odie
(he came with that name!) followed me around the pasture.  Probably looking
for another treat but it was a good feeling anyway.


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


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