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[RC] riding in heat - Rides 2 Far


Biltmore isn't *always* wet...I did the 100 there the year the
temp/humidity never got below the "danger" zone and they invented the
term "Biltmore Syndrome".

In addition to the obvious stuff you're doing for your helmet heat
problem, you might improve your overall heat management. Biltmore's vet
check is known as "tent city". It's very important to find some shade or
make some shade. Don't stand around in the sun no matter what.  If
there's no shade, grass will reflect less heat back up at you than white

When you're going down the trail if it goes in and out of the sun, don't
walk in the sun. If you need to walk any, do it in the shade, hurry
through the sun, then spend more time back in the shade.  

Squirting water in your helmet holes isn't as effective as submerging the
helmet so the liner is saturated. Then I submerge my head if necessary.
When I had a friend come from Scotland (cold/windy) to compete at a very
hot SE ride she just rolled her eyes when I told her to "dip your head in
a bucket". Afterwards she decided it was a very civilized thing to do.
g<  If you've got to depend on squirting water, you might want to
semi-freeze the bottles to get more good from less water. (experiment at
home to see how long they take to thaw...don't want to be stuck with a
solid chunk on the trail). 

It sounds like I'm being saracastic...but a faster horse is a big help on
a hot ride. That breeze makes a difference. The horse keeps the air
flowing, plus he gets you off the trail in 4:30 instead of 8 hrs. which
is a big deal.

On a really hot ride I like a jog bra with a t-shirt with the sleeves cut
off. It seems to let more air flow next to my body.

My helmets are both ever so slightly on the loose side. I think a tight
helmet might be hotter. I don't even have a liner in my Troxel, but I
think the Lexington is the coolest after it's dunked and the water is
trickling down from the liner.

I drink Cran-anything juice, gatorade & water. Eat lots of salty stuff.

I've gotta admit, I'd prefer heat to flooding this weekend. I was just
thinking...this is a big selection ride which means a bunch of
featherweights are going to be carrying weights.... that's going to be
hard to explain to the rescue people when they're dragging the river for
them. :-P


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