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[RC] all weather riding - rides2far

For all of you who miss the good ol' tough days of "really" doing
endurance, (never complaining about weather which only *enhanced* your
experience) you should come on out here right now. I thought of you
all this morning as I waded through the standing water amidst lightning
flashes, during a tornado warning to feed. The bad part of it is that
most of the weather hitting here in Chattanooga is moving right on east
to the site of the Biltmore ride. They said parts of TN will get 5 to 8
inches of rain. The trail on Biltmore holds up pretty well, but the
camp lies along the French Broad River which more than once has swallow-ed up 
the entire ridecamp and half the trail meaning *many* multiple 
loops crosscrossing around on the other remaining high ground.

They're calling for rain for much of this week though we've already got
standing water everywhere. In 15 years I don't believe I have ever
stayed home from a ride because of a forecast...since some of the nicest
rides I've been to would have been missed if I had listened to weather
men... So, since I'm going to be out there anyway, I'm trying to gear
myself up with those of you who live for bad weather's attitude. I'm 
reminding myself of some of the things I have learned riding in bad 

1. Brass fittings on a saddle put forth a lovely glow just before
the lightning strikes in the direct vicinity.

2. Rain on a tin roof is easier to hear (though harder to enjoy) in a
horse trailer than at home.

3. Rain makes it much easier to get up and leave the vet check
since riding is the only time you're actually warm.

4. You don't look as fat in tights when wearing a raincoat.

5. Ample water on the trail.

6. If you show up and ride you can rub that fact in the nose of anyone
who doesn't for the rest of your career.

7. No problem making weight. You'll be lucky to be able to lift your
saddle for a week after the soaking it's going to get.

8. No day riders on the trail. (like they'd be stupid enough to ride in 

9. If tornadoes touch down you'll be a moving target.

10. The best thing about riding in rotten weather is that it feels so 
good when you quit doing it.

Angie (sitting under that big orange & red blob you see on the weather

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