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[RC] RE:Comment on my last post - Jonni Jewell

Rides like the Old Warriors Water Hunt are treasures. The remind those of us
who have been around endurance for awhile, what rides used to be like.
Taking riders so far into the wilderness, that they better have a horse that
is solid, and not at all a little "iffy" before they make the trek of 22
miles between vet checks. You are pretty much on your own back in the
canyon, to care for your horse, and deal with what ever might happen. The
trail is not easy to access by road, so you can not "just call your crew" to
come pick you up. The ride brings out the best of the riders, who are not
always there for grand awards, but to enjoy the trail. And Angie made a
comment on finish rates at some of the "easy" rides, vs. the rides that are
tough, or have unexpected conditions arise, that are not normal (ie MUD). I
think riders might not pay as close of attention to their horses on "easy"
rides. But when the going is tough, they are sure to really take that extra
care of the horse, as they know that the ride can really take its toll on
the horses, and they want to be sure to do what they can to get through the
ride with a happy, sound horse. I think we get complacent on easy rides, and
maybe get swept up into the competition more, where tough rides, many just
want to "finish". Just my own thoughts and observations....

Jonni in Texas

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