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Re: [RC] Rocks, Hills, Weather, OH MY! - Susan Garlinghouse

Trailrite@xxxxxxx wrote:       I wanted to sort of speak >my feelings on
this subject and this is sort of off-the->wall.  I think that quite a few
riders choose these days a >ride to go to that has minimum challenges time
after time. >It seems that riders are selecting rides with none of the
above mentioned tittles.  Riders need to view a few >things .

It's been awhile since I was able to condition regularly, let alone get out
to do endurance rides (and I never did more than a dozen or so 50s anyway),
but the ones I remember most fondly are those that were a real b*tch to
complete.  Warriors Water Hunt, Malibu, TarSprings.  Even the ones where
sometimes I did or didn't finish, but something happened to make the day
pretty tough and if I did pull, well, the next completion was that much
sweeter, eh?  I remember my truck breaking down at DVD and a bunch of (then)
total strangers shooing me down the trail while they went and fixed
it....getting caught in a rainstorm with Sandy and her stallion Sal and
being perfectly happy walking along and chatting up a storm...riding the
Lions Club ride out in Palmdale with a nasty kidney infection and
practically getting dragged at gunpoint down the trail by Karen Nelson....I
usually had as much fun not finishing (well, almost) as I did on the days we
did finish, and the very best memories are from the rides where I knew I'd
worked my butt off to be able to drag in just under the cutoff.

Anyway, I'm with Tammy.  Endurance is a lot more fun when it's not a

Susan G

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Re: [RC] Rocks, Hills, Weather, OH MY!, Timothy Worden