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[RC] Peeing on the trail..... - Lynn Brunetto

A group of us ride together all the time.  We trail ride......no
But we have taught our horses to feel free to pee when we whistle a certain
song!  Starting out with an experienced pee-er helps!  My mare will pee 2 or
3 times on the trail.  Whenever anyone looks like they have to go....getting
a little uncomfortable....we will stop and start to whistle our "pee" song.
It works about 85% of the time!  One of the horses likes to fake us out just
so that he can take a rest, and grab a mouthful of grass!  He is also very
good at "faking" a stumble when he goes through water...he LOVES to roll in
it....rider or no!

Lynn Brunetto
Waynesburg, PA

  // \\

~~___( \
    /< >\

 > From: "Heidi Smith" <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]   question about "knowing" horse

I've heard that some vets know how to make a horse pee?  Is this true?  =
And if so I'd appreciate any and all tips!

Well, I don't think my DVM degree helps with this phenomenon one little =
bit <g>, but often if I get off to pee, my horse will pee, too!  Also, =
riding with another horse that is not shy about urinating whenever the =
urge hits is a big help in getting a shy one to go.  And when they DO =
go, reinforce their actions with lots of praise.  (Where but among =
endurance riders do you hear half a dozen people muttering "Good boy, =
good boy" every time any horse within hearing distance urinates.....)


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