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[RC] Social eater, or just not hungry? - Sarah W

My two 10 mth old colts, born only 1.5 weeks apart,
are now becoming "big boys"... by this I mean I am
starting to feed them seperately rather than together.
They had been fed and stalled together since before I
ever picked them up and I have been slowly introducing
seperation.  I am now starting them on seperate diets
to ensure both can utilize what is being fed out.  I
have been feeding seperately off and on for almost 2
mths and am now fully feeding seperately.  They have
both been exposed to the feeding conditions they are
currently under - same stalls, same feed type, same
schedule, etc.  

The more timid of the two has decided that he doesn't
like this what is going on, therefore, is not
finishing any of his feedings.  This guy has never had
left overs in the past while eating seperately.  He
can see his counterpart over a low stall divide and it
is all familar ground.  I have spent a great deal of
time monitoring him and all vitals and other habits
are normal.  He is drinking plenty of water, licking
the salt block, and running around like he should be.
Just not interested in finishing off his food unless
directly with his counterpart.  I have not tried
penning him with either of my other horses only
because I have an older and currently ungelded colt
that is too rough with these guys.

Any opinions on this?  Will my colt grow out of this
phase or should I be more concerned? 

Lansing, MI

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