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[RC] [Guest] neck surgery - Ridecamp Guest


Iam an RN work every day with spinal cord patients and this "radial" neck
surgery is done everyday. There are two choices of donor fusions. One is
from the patient's hip site where bone is take and used to stabilize the
disc or the second is from a cadavor. With the cadavor the patient only has
one "surgical" site and does not have the pain of donor site to complain
about. This type of surgery not very complicated and most ortho/neuro
surgeons do them. Recovery is 3-4 months. Not a pleasant time of life.
Both my husband and I had them.

From: Bob & Amber Roberts
Subject: [RC] Horrible accidents

After reading this below, I am wondering if anyone knows how
Ed is doing.  If I recall, he is Teddy, Running Bear's, significant
other and had a horrible horse accident some time ago.  Does anyone
have an update on his condition?


Today's the first day really out of bed. I can barely be up for longer than
an hour at a time.=A0 Saturday before last, my horse slipped on a very
slippery slope, I jumped off, tripped on a manzanita branch after my feet
were on the ground, fell over the edge of a very rocking slope, broke my
neck, cracked my head a few times along with various other cuts and
contusions, got air lifted to a hospital in Bakersfield where there's this

doctor that does this radical new surgery where they fuse the vertebra

neck bones of a cadaver.=A0 They say it cuts down the recovery time from 6
months to 6 weeks.=A0 I'm taking off the neck brace today.=A0 We're hoping
no nerve damage.

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