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RC Re: [RC] sleeping - oddfarm

This was sent to me by Trainer Wendy. Here at the Odd Farm we don't do drugs. We drink, but no drugs. We just have an odd way of sleeping that apparently keeps Trainer Wendy up at night. She must not drink enough.
Ok, I don't get it!!! How come I'm reading all these notes on Ridecamp about people who can't sleep before a ride because they are so wired, and I get in with a group of people who get soooooo deep into their REMing that they become a chior of voices in the middle of the night and are totally unaware they are reciting the Gettysburg Address or reading the Dead Sea scrolls or reliving the last fight with mom or rehearsing the next fight with mom. Or one that gets so deep into dreamland she has a pattern of snoring that repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats??
  What drugs are you all on????????????????
She's so funny, that Trainer Wendy!
Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm