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[RC] Gotta love Florida Training! - Cowgirgoof

I know those of you from the great white north must get sick of the snow and 
cold, but down here by April it's hot and buggy... Plus, we deal with what 
happened tonight.
My friend Anitra and I decide to rush home from work to get in a nice ride up 
in our state park (Lake Louisa, Clermont, Fl). It's a beautiful sunny 87 
degrees when we unload. We're seeing a few clouds, but thinking we are in for 
a great fun ride.  I'm on my four year old Moyle who's still mostly on the 
green side, and Anitra is on her high strung National show horse. We get 
about a half mile out when the clouds start rolling closer, and the wind 
starts picking up. Well you know that not too many "green" four year olds are 
going to let a good opportunity like this pass them up! <G> 
Eli wants to trot, so we pick up a nice strong trot. He was feeling frisky, 
so he had to pitch a little "feeling so good green horse fit". Fortunately I 
stay on that one and let Anitra know I don't think my guy is warmed up 
enough. Needless to say, he just knew what was coming. The rain Gods let us 
get another mile out (about the time Anitra and I start realizing those 
clouds are looking very threatening!). We start quickly planning a quick 
escape route but alas there was nowhere to go. Darn these Florida super 
storms that are fast, super scary with lightning cracking everywhere and they 
can dump about 2 inches of rain in 30 minutes!  We started to take a cut 
through, but decided it would be quicker to turn around and go back. About 
the time we turned around, the rain started. Fortunately it gave us a medium 
start (big fat drops pelting us), and I was quite proud that my little guy 
held it together. Within two minutes it was dumping cats and dogs and 
elephants on us. Since lightning was starting to touch down close (of course 
with huge claps of thunder right behind), we decided to take it slow back in. 
My poor little guy was trying to stop under trees, and walk as slow as he 
could as if to say "you expect me to ride in THIS?". We laughed about that. 
Of course I had to break the news to him that some day he will be trotting 
maybe 100 miles in the @&**%!! rain <G> 
Well we made it back in one piece without getting struck down, bucked off or 
ran away with, but Anitra was freezing (her truck thermometer said it had 
dropped to 65- in less than an hour no less), and I was already sick with a 
bad cold (yes, we distance riders can be just plain dumb- now I'll probably 
get pnemonia). 
I have to admit, it probably was the best training my young guy could have 
had though. Now he's ready to be a real trail horse.

PS- my guy is solidly "John Lyons method" trained, and it sure paid off 
Happy Trails, 
Becky Siler
southeast region ride photographer

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