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[RC] Traces of Yucca - Truman Prevatt

Some time back I asked Dr. Marty Adams, head of equine nutrition at Southern States about the "traces of yucca" in the Triple Crown feed. His response was that it is a product they put in to help with digestibility of the feed and that similar products are currently in or will soon be in many if not most prepared feeds on the market.

Directly quoted from the SS website -

"Your horse's health and performance are directly linked to the intestinal system, which is limited by fermentation in the hindgut. But through the use of EquiMix Technology, a unique blend of yeast cultures, organic minerals, digestive bacteria, enzymes and yucca extract, Triple Crown feeds optimize intestinal function by aiding digestion and fermentation."

It also goes on to say concerning the Yucca extract -

" It also functions to decrease ammonia levels in the horse's system. Research has linked elevated ammonia levels to poor performance, tissue irritation, intestinal problems, immune deficiencies, and respiratory ailments."

BTW about 6 months ago I raised the question of feeds companies ( it was a different company, not Triple Crown but I can't remember which feed it was right now) using supplements in their feeds in which taken to the fullest "letter of the drug rule" and using very sophisticated testing methods might get a rider entangled in a mess by feeding commercial feeds which had very minute traces of substance that might be there for very legitimate reasons but technically be against the AERC drug rule. It's been 10 years since the drug rule was formulated and technology has come a long way since then - maybe it's time to relook and update the drug rule.

I asked Dr. Adams if in his opinion feeding this feed would be in violation of the AERC drug policy. He knows endurance and what the AERC drug rule says. He told me he didn't see how any reasonable person could make the stretch that additives (such as EquiMix) in commercial feeds were in violation of any rules in any equestrian sport. He also said that he doubted very seriously if it would show up in testing.

It is, however, an interesting question.


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