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[RC] [Guest] 22 year old Gelding ADR (Ain't doing right) - Ridecamp Guest

Lucie Hess appalucie@xxxxxxx

Hey guys, I'm looking for some assistance.  My 22 year old gelding Dandi,
Coliced at the end of the Big Hill ride last weekend, and  still  just
doesn't seem right.

He coliced enough to be treated and it was a more than mild, but not severe

Ok ... here is the history, he had doing numerous CTR's NATRC and would have
short bouts of intermittent kicking at his belly, when standig in line for
the P&R's on a couple of rides.  He never coliced, or  had bad gut sounds,
but I now remember that one ride he seemed to want to roll at the P&R, but
went right on with the ride and did well.  This would have been in the
summer or fall of 2001, I think.  Last year He had a mild colic that I was
able to walk him out of at the end of the Bell Cow lake ride.

Again his Parameters were not bad during the  Bell Cow ride, but he had
trouble coming down at the end and his CRI wasn't good.

The only thing I can compare with at the Bell Cow and the Big Hill ride,
were that he was on the trailer way too long, 10 hours at least, and the
weather became unstable.  Hot to cold and vice versa.  I always do make sure
I water and feed a watery slurry when on the trailer.  I also electrolyte
before the ride and during the ride, but I use perform and win in the feed.
I don't drench the horse.

This week  he has been more of a stand around horse, not running with the
other two.. One of the other two is 28 year old Chief who has been acting at
least like a teenager!.  Usually Dandi is right in there amongst them, tail
up, snorting.  He is sound when he moves, but is standing around alot.

I decided I will run him by the vets for blood work at least.  However,
since I've been reading about gastric ulcers, I was  leaning towards that
diagnosis.  Any ideas?  I'm also wondering about enteriliths, or a fatty

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