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Re: [RC] traces of yucca - David & Maggie

The complete feed that I use does not have yucca in it, but it does have biotin!
After much encouragement, and many requests, and at the risk of sounding like a commercial, I'll tell you all that the name of the feed is Golden Pride from Kent feeds. It is the most amazing stuff I've ever seen. I DON'T FEED ANYTHING ELSE, not even hay. No supplements, nothing. Just a salt block. They have gained an average of 100# each in six weeks. We've had to cut them back from a five-gallon bucketful each per day, to just under that.
I was feeding a good quality hay, free choice, plus beet pulp, 12% sweet feed, weight gainer (flaxseed product), and calf manna. They were still not wintering the way I like for all the labor intensive feeding (I work 40-70hrs/wk). They were all showing ribs. My gray mare is a hard keeper (any of you familiar with Lily?) and I put a blanket on her so the neighbors wouldn't call the humane society. She's now positively chubby! And no more labor intensive feeding times! 15 minutes twice a day and all seven are happy.
They have more energy, more stamina, glossy coats, bright eyes, stronger hooves, and they poop less! It's the consistency of cow pies and washes away when it rains.
I'll still use beet pulp at rides to get fluids in them, and sweet feed for ease of capturing them, but Golden Pride is here to stay. We're now buying it by the ton.
Enough already. Let's just say I highly recommend this product. And no I don't get kickbacks from the feed store. I am hoping to get Lily's picture on the bag, though!
Maggie in Ohio