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[RC] New Colt - Would this breed 'wrok?? - Stagg_Newman


Many warmblood crosses have done quite well at 3-day competitives
which are typically 40, 40, and 20 miles each day respectively.
So if this horse grows up to be sound and reasonsably well conformed
I would believe the horse should be able to complete 50s with proper
training and riding.

Whether the horse can do a 50 at a faster pace will depend on factors
such as per cent of slow twitch to fast twitch fiber, size of the
heart, and many other factors that are hard to know or predict ahead
of time.  Some TBs are meant to be sprinters and do not do as well
at longer distances.  Some TBs are meant for longer distance.

I started endurance with a TB that I now know was a sprinter.
Beautiful scultped muscles rather than long smooth muscles.  She
completed serveral 50s and even top tenned one as well as several
3-day 100s. She could do the sport but it was not what she was
bred to do and she would be tired after a 3-day 100.
Then I got an Arab (Drubin) meant for an endurance.  He
could cruised through 3-day 100s.  He has gone on to
complete 33 1-day 100s so I learned that some horses
are naturally more suited for our sport.

Our motto is to finish is to win.  So my guess is your horse
can finish 50s and that will be "a win".  He will tell you
what speed is appropriate for him if you listen.

Also if the horse turns out to be fairly large you may have
to be more careful to give the horse adequate recovery time
to ensure soundness.  Smaller horses tend to stay sounder.
On the other hand Steve Rojek competed on a fairly large
TB/Arab cross named Hawk and did well at the highest levels
of International Competition including a top ten at the World's.
Hawk had over 5000 miles of competitive and endurance.

BTW basic dressage training and endurance go
very well together.  We do dressage training with all our endurance horses.

Best of luck!


From: Tamara Taylor <tam319@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   New Colt - Would this breed 'work'??

Hello list,

I've recently bought a lovely baby for dressage primarily but I'd also like
do some 25s or 50s with him (if possible). He is 25% Arab 50% TB and 25%
Hannoverian. He is all legs right now at 10 months and will be tall and
but not heavy. Do you think he'd be able to handle 50s??



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