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Re: Fw: Re: [RC] [RC] (Skito pad used with Boz saddle or any other flexible tree) - Lynne Glazer

Dear Renie:

<sigh> I was responding to her statement about getting a flexible panel saddle as a replacement. Here's her original post.

>> Linda McCoskey shimmeringshoes3@xxxxxx

I have used the Boz saddle for quite some time "as is", but because I am a
heavy wieght rider I have had concerns. I recently put a skito pad with my
Boz (1/2 comfort pads (thin))To help distribute the weight. This is not
working well!

The saddle feels perched and I cant seem to get it tight enough. The pad
causes my saddle to slip with weight in the stirrups. My husband tried it as
well and really had a hard time keeping the saddle straight on the back. I
quess it sounds that I am complaining(I am) The skito pad was very

My question is: Is it something I have to get use to? or should I not use
this combination? The combination I guess would be the skito pad with any
flexable type saddle. Anyone else out there using this combination? All
opinions and suggestions welcome.

Thank you!<<

See the third paragraph? I quoted that part in my reply. >>Skito pad with any flexible panel saddle<<. I never called the Boz a flexible panel saddle.


On Thursday, April 17, 2003, at 07:34 AM, Renie Burnett wrote:

Because I and so many others LOVE our Boz saddles, I feel I need to clarify the following statement;
"Personally, I would not use the Skito pad under any flexible panel
A Boz saddle does NOT have flexible panels;? THE WHOLE TREE ITSELF? FLEXES. It is made of some type of indestructible material (you can run over it with a D-4 caterpillar) and it is hollow, therefore allowing the tree to fit the horse's back.? The pads are attached with Velcro to the bottom of the panels, and can be 1/2 inch thick up to what ever you feel your horse needs.? My old getting swaybacked horse takes 2 inch pads, the young, fat one takes 1/2 pads.? Hope this helps.? Renie

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Fw: Re: [RC] [RC] (Skito pad used with Boz saddle or any other flexible tree), Renie Burnett