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[RC] Dixie Midnight Pad Question - Wrecksduke

I just bought a Dixie pad and have been using it with a woolback pad on top.  It does allow the horse to sweat and does keep the wool pad clean. 

My question is, when I de-tack (is that a word?), my horse's back almost seems hotter with a Dixie pad when I remove it.  I don't have time to do an experiment with thermometers and all before this weekend's ride...... so I think I will NOT use it.

Dixie pads are supposed to allow your horse to sweat and for the sweat to "flow" out from underneath your saddle.... thereby allowing the sweating mechanism to do what its supposed to = cool your horse off.

The only thing I can think of, off the top of my head, as to why it would be hotter and maybe not doing what its supposed to.... is that perhaps the scrunchy dixie pad material actually may hold more sweat in the nooks and crannies and actually retain heat through what "standing" sweat there may be in the pad.

What do you ridecampers think - those that use or have used dixie pads?

Also, as my horse's back is pretty sweaty (not absorbed by a traditional pad or blanket), with the cool spring weather.... I make sure to towel the back off and then, for convenience, simply throw the towel over the back to make sure my horse does not get chilled when I'm done riding.  Is that what you folks do too??

Thanks for your thoughts ahead of time.