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Re: [RC] Garmin GEKO - April Johnson

Right now, I have a Garmin Geko 201 and a Garmin V with an external antenna.

I used the Geko on the Chicken Chase 25 this past weekend. I'm still looking
at what the computer says after downloading the trackpoints. I haven't
massaged all the data yet. I have yet to put it in my topo maps program. And
I still have to analyze the data for overall satellite coverage.

During my next several training rides, I plan to ride with both units to
compare data, but the V has always calculated very, very close to the same
calculations the computer comes up with.

The V I use with the external antenna mounted to my helmet. The Geko is
strapped to my upper arm like the Timex GPS receivers.

In hindsight, I really wish I'd had the V on the Chicken Chase ride in
addition to the Geko, but I didn't. So I'll just have to do it on my next
several training rides.

The V is a fairly expensive unit (although my hubby just told me you can get
one for $400 less $75 rebate...I paid $440 for mine), but it has tons of
extra features, including auto-routing on roads. It's great to drive
directly to a ride camp you've never been to and park within 375 feet of
where your point was.

As for holding the Geko, with it strapped to my arm, I don't hold it while
riding, I simply turn the face towards me so I can see it. I haven't had any
problems reading the data that way.

Basemaps are very cool, too! Very handy to see how close you are to major
roads and waterways. Karen is right, the Geko has no basemaps and no memory
for loading extra maps onto it.

For comfort in the hand, it's definitely nice to be able to try any GPS out,
even if it's just going to sports stores and jumping up and down (to
simulate trotting) while trying to hold and read different models.

My V fits well in my hand and I also have a wrist strap tethered to the
padded cell phone case it rides in so that if I have to drop the GPS, it
doesn't go very far. The 76 is huge to me and wouldn't fit MY hand very
well. But then I have hands the size of an eight-year-old. :-) I love using
the Geko for Geocaching (www.geocaching.com) because it fits perfectly in my
hand and slides into my pocket while I'm retrieving the caches.

The jury is still out (for me) on the Geko unit as the "perfect" endurance
training unit. I'm still running tests. Preliminary tests were promising,
now there are questions that need to be answered.

Nashville, TN

----- Original Message -----
From: "DreamWeaver" <nvrider@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Is anyone using this new one?
How does it compare to others?
Becky and the gang

For me, the screen on this one would be impossible to read and actually use
while riding.

I have ridden with a few different models of GPS's, and
personally I like the GPS Map 76 about the best because of the size!  It's
large enough that it fits well in a shirt pocket or a saddle pack and will
stay in your hand, plus it takes an external antenna.  I have a hard time
with the smaller ones, they want to fall on the ground, slip out of my
pockets or bags and I don't like the smaller screens.  You might find the
opposite though.
I don't see any mention in the Geko of having a basemap or any storage for
downloading your own maps. I like having those basemaps.

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