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[RC] What I learned doing ride and tie @ No Frills - Laura Hayes

There are plenty of good LONG ride stories this week on RC, so I will keep
it short and tell you what I learned at No Frills doing my second ride and
tie (the first was 15 years ago...)

1.  Even if you show up at 9:30pm with no intention of doing Ride and Tie,
if Lani Newcomb is there, you won't get to the registration table before she
has you fixed up with a complete stranger and doing the longest distance

2. 25 miles is a long way to run - ok, I only ran half of it, but it is
still a LONG way!

3.  The Old Dominion trail (some of which we were on) IS harder than
Leatherwood, Howard. In fact, my R&T partner, who has ridden Tevis, says it
is harder than even Tevis.

4.  After walking/jogging the 2500 feet to the top of Milford Gap, Larry
Kanavy on a 4 wheeler with water, looks like an angel.

5.  In 12 miles on foot, you find out if your favorite sneakers really fit
(they don't, but it looks like I will only lose one toe nail...)

6.  My mare, who I told my partner, Enrique, was nuts, is really very sane,
and turned out to be a great R&T horse.

7. The same mare is still full of it at the start of the 50 on Sunday after
the 25 mile ride and tie on Saturday.

8.  I am not 'full of it' after the 25 ride and tie and the 50 endurance, in
fact, I am whooped.

9.  Lani Newcomb is my hero.  Anyone who can do R&T and then endurance, all
with a huge smile is ok by me - or nuts, but
that is ok also!

10.  Everyone should try R&T once....and those of us who have been accused
of being daft, will most likely do it more than once!

Laura Hayes AERC#2741

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