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[RC] Tenn. Walker or Miss. Foxtrotter? - Ed Kilpatrick

deb, i guess what you hope to get is the appaloosa color in a horse that has a four beat gait?  crossbreeding is a gamble.  50/50 chance?  i suppose, in a sense that it will either gait or it wont.  what i would recommend is that you ride some gaited horses, see which breed you like best.  i have ridden just about every gaited breed except icelandic.  i have even ridden some mangalarga marchadoras from brazil!  the walkers and foxtrotters both have a head nodding action which gives the rider a little side to side motion in the saddle.  i prefer the paso fino.  of all the gaited horses i have ridden, i think the paso fino and the peruvian paso are the smoothest.  crossbreeding does result in gaited offspring sometimes, with what frequency i could not say.  i bred a paso fino stallion to a mustang mare, and the resulting filly has a very nice four beat gait.  a friend of mine has a quarterhorse/paso fino cross that also has a very nice gait.  i have seen many walke r crosses that gaited also. there are also a lot of peruvian paso crosses out there.  if you want a gaited horse, then maybe you should consider buying a purebred and not gambling on a breeding.  but by all means, try out several different breeds and several different horses in each breed to see what type of movement you like best.      ed