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[RC] getting horse to "pee" thread - Kathie Ford

Well you guys, have just been lurking lately and found the thread on teaching a horse to "pee" as interesting.  So, on my trail ride the other day I had an opportunity that presented itself so to speak...regarding the "pee" cue!
I was late meeting another gal and her daughter at Folsom to ride friday and was in a hurry to meet her.  Realized I should have "gone to the potty" before I mounted cause after just a few minutes of riding I was real sorry!  And on a horse, as you all know we can't cross our legs!! 
To make a long story short, I didn't want to complain and ruin our ride so didin't mention my own discomfort while riding until we were returning.  Then!  The thought struck me??!!
I could maybe teach Cira (my horse) to "tinkle" when I do!  One of the posters (on RC) mentioned that is how they started to teach their horse as the "sound effects" stimulated the persons horse to follow suit?!!
Anyway, found what I thought was a good enough hide away to do my thing and took Cira with me.  Well, I felt better..but as I looked up at my horse (hoping she would maybe copy me?) her eyes were as big as silver dollars!  Then I realized, in tall grass (where I was) the tinkle "sound effect" sounded more like a rattler instead!!!!! lol...
She looked a bit paniked but stayed by me!! And..to my disappointment she didn't copy me!  DARN!  Well I'll try again!  Frankly, the spot I picked could have had rattlers and the thought did enter my head that if I got bit on the butt how on earth would I explain to the Drs. that I was trying to teach my horse to pee! 

One other thing too, I kept asking the others if I was hidden enough from view (I am modest you know!) and they were laughing and saying "yep"..On the way home my daughter confessed to me that the spot I picked (and I swear I didn't notice) was just on the downside of another trail where some bikers had just passed!!  So much for privacy...really...
Anyway, will try again as I think it is a good idea.  Any other ways to teach your horse to "pee" on cue would be welcome.  And also ideas on how to pick a better hiding place!  lol...
happy riding all! 

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