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[RC] Is there any code of ethics in endurance horse selling? - Linda B. Merims

You're trying to apply "adoption" ethics to what is
legally the purchase of real property.  No matter
how much people may think of their horses as children,
that's not how the law, or the general industry,
views it.
Most professional trainers make their money by buying
low and selling high.  This buyer probably spotted your
soft spot and exploited it to get you to lower your
price, all the while thinking to themselves, "What
a great deal I'm getting."  Don't assume that the horse
didn't work out.  It's possible, even likely, the buyer
bought it already planning to resell it.
Like most of us, I've got a ream of horror stories
about professional horse trainers/dealers and the
incredible things they pull.  Like the one about
the lady crying at an auction when she realized
her beautiful babies were going for about 10% of
what they were worth, and that the auctioneer was
deliberately ignoring her frantic efforts to bid-in
her own horses so that his trainer buddy could snap
them up for cheap.
Or the time...oh well, never mind.
Your post had done one thing, though.  You've tipped
your buyer's hand to the rest of Ridecamp.
Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA