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[RC] neck collars - Linda B. Merims

Ed said:
>one lady mentioned hobbling her horse so it would
>stand still to mount and dismount.  not a good idea.
>this is a basic control issue. gone are the days where
>we tie a horse's feet, blindfold them, throw on a
>saddle and buck them out.  you can teach your horse
>to stand still without hobbles.  sure, it takes time,
>repitition, and patience, but it is worth it and you
>are not relying on a piece of equipment to do what
>you should do. ..
OK.  How?
(I mean, besides buying the downunder guy's
videotapes. There's the great saddle hunt,
and then there's the great videotape hunt.
Both are very expensive  :-)
And please, I need the explanation to distinguish
between a young horse getting its first exposure,
and the problem I have:  a 19 year old mare with
years and years of this behavior behind her before
I got her.
Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA
And former UConn Animal Science Professor UC Esther
("Oh good, another undergraduate I can snooker if
I'm just persistent enough.")