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[RC] Re:Parelli tricks, etc. - CMNewell

... If you have worked with your
horse so that it will lower it's head and keep it there, while you introduce
and the horse accepts, the bridle, you have achieved a certain communication
and respect with that horse.

And one can do all that without the theatrics of kneeling to bridle.

Just as cleaning all four of the horse's hooves from one side of the horse.
I certainly would not want to do this every time, but, again, it is a great
exercise occasionally.

It is common practice amongst the TB racing crowd. Leastways, that's where I picked up the habit. All my horses are accustomed to this (well, not the baby...yet.)

MHO is that while Parelli and other "NH" types may say, in a sort of fine print fashion, "don't expect to get this far in one day" or "don't try this at home, kids", the flashy demos promote the quick fix and a lot of downright dangerous stuff--at least dangerous for a novice to try--and the novice is precisely who these things are aimed at.

I have no objection to all the "NH" types currently roaming the counrtyside and fleecing the sheep. Good for them--about time horsepeople figured out how to make a buck. Some people can and will pay lots of money to be taught plain common sense.

I just hate to see novices get hurt and horses get undeserved bad reputations for causing damage, when the wreck that took place might have been avoided.

I do suspect that if many of the devotees of these people didn't hook up with them, they'd be doing some other nonsensical stuff, as the majority seem to be folks who have little or no horse background before they get involved with "NH", so maybe it's a wash. I just wish someone would come along and convince some of the unexposed to horses till late adulthood crowd that they are *not* just big dogs, and they *are* big and fairly dumb and can hurt you badly. (And, more to the point, hurt your vet, and farrier, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity when they are ineffectual at restraining their beasts.)

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